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Our service is straight forward and our process is simple. To get started simply call us for a quote. Our management team will explain the process and answer all your questions. Once you meet us you will have a high level of confidence in our firm, our service, our work ethic, and our commitment to your job.  

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  • Tent/Structural fumigation is a pest control method that involves filling the airspace within a structure with Sulfuryl fluoride. A tarp, or tent, is used over the structure to trap the gas inside. The gas penetrates cracks, crevices, and pores in the wood to eliminate pests, such as drywood termites roaches and bed bugs.

  • Localized treatment for Drywood termite. If structural fumigation is not an option Simply Termites, Inc offer drill injection to infected timber with a 1 year warranty on treated area.

  • Subterranean soil treatment Soil Treatment: Since subterranean termites live in the soil, Fipronil is used on the surrounding soil to act as a treatment barrier.  First, a trench is dug or drill around the foundation, and the soil/slab is treated with a termiticide.  The trench is then refilled or holes patched.  This type of treatment helps prevent future termite infestations, and kills any termites in the house as they to return to the soil to nest.

  • Escrow Simply Termites, Inc will provide full WDO report format for $150

  • Boron preventive It is a water-soluble borate powder that can be applied as a dust, spray, foam or mist onto wood and cellulosic materials or inside wall voids, cracks and crevices.

  • WDO Wood repair Simply Termites, Inc offer repair/replacement to WDO related timber damage.

  • Pest control Simply Termites, Inc. offers monthly, bi monthly, quarterly and 1 time service for pest control.

  • Bed bugs Simply Termites, Inc. offer free inspection to determine if you have bed bugs.

  • Bee and wasp information

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